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Comprehensive Mat and Apparatus Instructor Certification Program

   Mat - Reformer - Cadillac - Small Props


Designed with a rehabilitative flare, this comprehensive curriculum deepens your understanding of the Pilates repertoire in a therapeutic approach derived from Pilates' original exercises. 


What makes this course unique compared to other courses?

These courses focus deeply on alignment protocol, hands-on/tactile feedback, understanding movement, gait and compensation patterns, working with common ailments as well as postural awareness and assessments. Education in program development for private clientele allows the student to focus on creative movement integration for the individual progressively working towards group instruction. One of the greatest benefits of this course is the small group training size between 2 to 6 students maximum.


What makes Pilates apparatus different than mat? Is mat important?

Pilates mat provides the essential basis for technique. This is where one develops concepts of movement proprioception, breath work and execution of proper form. Pilates' mat curriculum is integrated within the apparatus repertoire and its important foundational concepts blend into a greater understanding of the Pilates work.  Working with Pilates' versatile apparatus gives the instructor an enormous amount of liberty when choosing which movements are appropriate for an individual or group class. This work allows a deeper freedom of movement in all planes of motion using a bio-mechanically supported spring system. The fascial system learns to unwind and is safely re-educated to elongate and decompress the musculo-skeletal system. Ultimately, this provides structural freedom and greater strength and mobility in all joints.


Pre-requisite: approval by instructor.


Includes course manual and Pilates Anatomy book by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger.

Course Hours:

Each certification course requires additional hours completed outside of classroom time. 


Foundations and Mat Level 1

Self Practice - 20 hours

Teaching - 20 hours

Mat Level 2:

Self Practice - 20 hours

Teaching - 20 hours


Observation - 30

Self Practice - 50

Teaching - 80

Assistant Teaching - 10


Observation - 20

Self Practice - 40

Teaching - 60

Assistant Teaching - 10


Upon completion of all hours each person will schedule observed and graded practicals including oral tests. Maximum of one(1) year for course completion starting after final seminar.

Textbooks and Reading:

Pilates Anatomy by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger (included)

Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel, Edition 3 or 4 (optional and recommended)

The Anatomy Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit (optional and recommended)

Training Hours and Pricing: 


Foundations and Mat Level 1

Friday 5-8:30 pm, Saturday 11:30-6:00 pm, Sunday 9-5:00 pm


3 days (18 hours)

Mat Level 2

Saturday 11:30-6:30 pm, Sunday 9-5:00 pm

2 days (12 hours)


Fundamentals and Reformer 1

Friday 12-6:00 pm, Saturday 11:30-6:30 pm, Sunday 9-3:00 pm

3 days (18 hours)



Reformer 2 - Intermediate

Saturday 11:30-6:30 pm, Sunday 9-3:00 pm

2 days (12 hours)


Reformer 3 - Advanced

Saturday 11:30-6:30 pm, Sunday 9-3:00 pm

2 days (12 hours)



Friday(2) 5-8:30, Saturday 11:30-6:30 pm, Sunday 9-5:00 pm

4 days (24 hours)



All dates and times subject to change.

Payment via check or cash preferred. Visa or Mastercard accepted including a surcharge of 2.75%.


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